Do You Need Braces in Monroeville or Pittsburgh, PA?

    bracesDr. Carl Medgaus, dentist in Monroeville, PA, understands the importance of a confident, beautiful smile. That is why Medgaus Dental Care is trained to provide a wide variety of procedures, so every patient can get the treatment they need. This also includes orthodontic procedures that give you an aligned oral cavity, to improve overall function and esthetics. One of the leading orthodontic procedures we offer is braces in our offices in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA.

    How Do Braces Work?

    You may have seen braces in your teenage family members and friends. While it is great that they are fixing alignment, and braces are common for younger patients, this procedure can actually be conducted on people of all ages. Braces are the most common orthodontic procedure because they can correct any number of mild, moderate and even more severe cases of malocclusion. Braces use brackets in the shape of small squares. These brackets are typically made of nickel, silver, or porcelain and the dentist cements them in place directly to the surface of your teeth. Next, Dr. Carl Medgaus places an arch wire to bind all of these square brackets together and properly align teeth.

    We want to give you the smile you deserve, so please call us today for more details on any dental procedure you may be interested in. To set up an appointment please call us at (412) 436-5253 to reach our Monroeville dental office or (412) 563-6333 to reach us at our Pittsburgh dental office.

    What Are The Benefits Of Braces?

    TMJHaving misaligned teeth can cause some serious problems. Malocclusion is the medical term for an improper bite. This can be caused by anything from misaligned teeth to just having a chipped tooth. Malocclusion can also happen by missing teeth or natural shifting as your jaw develops and teeth wear down. A common symptom attributed to malocclusion is pain, specifically jaw pain. However, there are other identifiable symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, ear, back, and neck pain. If not treated immediately, more severe problems can occur such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ disorder). This occurs when the muscles in the patient’s jaw are out of alignment. All of the ligaments and muscles are not securely aligned with each other causing severe pain. With TMJ disorder you might notice clicking and popping sounds of the mouth closing and opening, and also if you notice any oral spasms or cramps when yawning. Braces prevent these problems from occurring or help correct the alignment of the jaw to relieve symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. If you have any concerns about malocclusion or TMJ disorders, contact our office right away.

    How Much Do Braces Cost?

    At Medgaus Dental in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA, we understand how expensive most of these treatments are. But that is why we provide individual treatment plans and financial plans for each of our patients and their unique needs. Dr. Carl Medgaus does an individual examination to identify the problem and offer affordable treatment solutions. The range of this procedure varies depending on each and every patient. We believe all of our patients should have the opportunity to be confident about their smile, but not feel too much of a burden on their pocketbook.

    Why Choose Medgaus Dental Care?

    The Medgaus Dental Care family believes in providing our patients with the best dental service in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA. That is why we are well-versed in a wide variety of dental procedures. Our staff aims to provide our patients with gentle and comfortable dental service. Our cosmetic dentist in Monroeville will do all he can to restore proper function and esthetic balance to your smile.

    To get the smile you deserve call us at (412) 436-5253 to reach us in our Monroeville, PA dental office or (412) 563-6333 to reach us at our Pittsburgh, PA dental office.


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