Dental Sealants

    Does Your Child Need Dental Sealants? 

    Petite fille contenteDental sealants are indeed an efficient way to protect children’s teeth. However, a lot of parents who were not able to go through this procedure themselves may not have any idea what sealants are and why they are necessary in maintaining the integrity of their children’s teeth.

    Using dental sealants is a strategy in our Monroeville dentistry that aims to hinder the growth of cavities and avoid dental problems by providing a protective barrier to the teeth and inhibiting bacteria growth. In the past few years, sealants have proven to decrease the number of children who suffer from cavities by a significant percentage. This, with the help of proper oral hygiene, can do away with possibilities of introducing bacteria to the teeth.

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    What is the Purpose behind Using Dental Sealants?

    While brushing your teeth two to three times a day is necessary to protect them from cavities, brushing alone cannot help you fully avoid dental decay. This is because the fissures, also known to be the chewing surface of the teeth, are comprised of grooves. These grooves are very deep and they are narrow. In fact, they can often be narrower than the bristles of ordinary toothbrush, making them hard to reach and clean.

    If the fissures are left unclean, dental plaques can form and cause severe damage to the enamel. Even though Fluoride can help strengthen the enamel and inhibit the growth of bacteria that may eventually lead to cavities, dental sealants add extra protection to the fissures by sealing away bacteria through a smooth covering.

    The Ideal Placement of Dental Sealants

    The aesthetic restoration of a lower molar tooth with composite resin.The initial dental sealant is placed by Dr. Medgaus once the first permanent molar tooth of the child fully grows. This is the tooth that is found behind the child’s temporary teeth. The remaining dental sealants will be placed on the surface of the molars and premolars of the child once they fully erupt. This, again, will protect the child’s teeth especially since they are the ones who are more prone to eating sweets that attract more bacteria in the mouth. The child’s molars and premolars will continue to mature until 13 years old or earlier and to cover all teeth will require a series of appointments as each grows in.


    Aside from permanent premolar and molar teeth, our we might also use dental sealants in other areas of the teeth that have deep and narrow fissures. Even adults who suffer from dental problems that lead to deep fissures can benefit from using dental sealants to ensure their teeth are protected. In the like manner, there are some conditions when the milk teeth may also need dental sealants because of early deep fissures. Basically, dental sealants can be used by anyone who needs extra protection from plaques and cavities.


    Dental sealants can last up to several years. However, you will still need to use Fluoride-rich toothpaste since the main aim of dental sealants is to protect the surface area, not the teeth as a whole.

    If you want your child to live a life free from cavities, contact our dentist in Monroeville or Pittsburgh, PA. We would be happy to accommodate all of your inquiries and guide you through the entire process. You can also ask about sealants for adults.

    Please call us at (412) 436-5253 to reach our Monroeville dental office or (412) 563-6333 to set up an appointment at our Pittsburgh, PA dental office.

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