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    Dental anxiety is a very real problem for many patients, and often the root of this fear comes from not knowing what to expect when you visit the dental office. Fortunately, through these dental videos we hope to promote patient education. By watching some of these clips, you can get a glimpse of what to expect from our dental office with just a click of your mouse. Then, from a safe distance, you can get to know our dentist, familiarize yourself with some of our services, and determine if our dental office is the best match for your needs.

    Our updated video gallery contains helpful and informative footage about this dental office. Some of the modern treatments we can provide for our patients are laid out for you through a short series of dental videos. We hope these videos will also give you a sneak-peek inside our office and provide a special look at some of our more extensive treatments. These videos are also designed to answer some questions you may have about oral health, basic procedures, and dental care.

    These non-threatening visuals are informative and designed to help you explore all the possibilities of oral health care from Dr. Medgaus himself. We make sure to cover the topics and information of greatest interest to you. Through these dental videos, you have quick and easy access to information about procedures, treatment plans, and service options in simple language you can understand. You can also get a glimpse inside our dental office and see some of the newest technologies we provide and some of the equipment we use. We hope you find these dental videos interesting, informative and helpful. This digital footage allows you to know exactly what happens when you come to Medgaus Dental Care located in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA.

    Through these dental videos, you can get to know our staff and technologies before even setting foot in our office. Let us help you put your fears of the dentist aside through patient education. If you have any more questions or want to schedule an appointment today, feel free to contact us during office hours.

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    DENTAL VIDEOS September 24, 2014

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