Dental Implants

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Call for a consultation

At Medgaus Dental Care, we understand the importance of having that perfect smile. That and any immediate health concerns are our main objectives. We provide consultations to meet with you and discuss your oral health issues and devise a treatment plan. We will explain every available option for your current situation. Call (480) 838-3073 for your consultation today!

Pre-Procedure exam done

When you schedule your dental implant procedure, we will give you a pre-procedure exam. This helps us determine your oral health issues and what would work best for you. We take time to prepare your mouth for your dental implants in a way that is most comfortable to you. Once we have completed this exam, you will be ready for your Hybridge dental implants.

Dental implant procedure conducted

Have no fear. When you come to Medgaus Dental Care for dental implants, you will leave the office with a set of temporary teeth that look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Your dental implants will be in place before you leave. We are here to serve your needs and make you comfortable.

Don’t forget to recover

After your procedure, you will have a set recovery time. You will have to eat soft foods for weeks following the procedure until the implants heal. Medgaus Dental Care patients will have to return for several checkups so our doctors can gauge the healing happening in your mouth. The follow-up appointments are part of your treatment plan and original cost.

Get permanent teeth

When your teeth are ready, we will replace the temporary implants with permanent teeth. Our doctors will know you are ready when the mouth has healed and stabilized. Then, you will have a whole new look. Call (dafdf) dfa8-3073 for your permanent teeth today.

You no longer have to see a mouth full of missing teeth. You can get the smile you deserve in just one day with Hybridge dental implants from Medgaus Dental Care.