Dental Hygiene Basics

    A woman in her 40s brushing her teeth.Are you scared of going to the dentist? Do you get nervous when you are at the dentist’s office? Do you avoid going to see the dentist?

    If you answered any of the last questions with yes, then you may not be providing your teeth with proper care. It is important to visit the dentist every now and then to make sure your oral health is fine. One way to prevent bad oral problems is to practice good dental hygiene. If you have not visited a dental care provider in a while, please call us today! It is important that you get checked out immediately to prevent dental complications.

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    Why Is Dental Hygiene Important?

    Hygiene is very important to prevent oral diseases from occurring. Medgaus Dental Care provide you with a nice clean smile when you come in, but we also check your oral cavity for any signs of upcoming problems. Diabetes is one of the problems that can occur from bad dental hygiene. Proper hygiene is not only important for your oral health but also your overall health in general. Research has demonstrated a relationship between gum disease and stroke and other health problems. Another study showed that over 90 percent of all full body diseases begin from the oral cavity. Other diseases that manifest from the oral cavity include diabetes, leukemia, and pancreatic cancer. We care about your smile and overall health, and as a Monroeville and Pittsburgh dental office we will do everything possible to help you.

    What Can You Do?

    Young beautiful woman with dental floss. Over white background.

    There are several things you can do to keep your mouth clean. The first step is to visit your Monroeville  or Pittsburgh, PA dentist twice a year at least. This will keep you up to date with oral cleanings and help you prevent other oral problems. You should also brush after you eat to prevent food from lingering in your mouth and causing bad breath. You should also floss twice a day to keep your gums clean and prevent diseases such as gingivitis. Also eating the right foods is very important. It is important to ingest a lot of vitamins A and C to prevent oral complications. Avoid smoking or using any form of tobacco which is known to cause oral cancer. Exercising daily has also been shown to help overall oral hygiene. Use these preventive care techniques to prevent complications. It is important to take the best care of your teeth possible.

    Why Choose Medgaus Dental Care?

    As the best dentist in Monroeville we believe we can provide you with the best oral care possible. Dr. Carl Medgaus is educated in various dental techniques providing you with comprehensive dental care. He performs dental implants, bridges and crowns among many other dental procedures. Our staff works with a gentle and caring hand to provide our patients with optimal support and comfort. If you would like to come to Medgaus Dental Care for an examination, please call us or set up an appointment online. We aim to provide you with a smile you can be happy with.

    To set up an appointment contact us at (412) 436-5253 for our Monroeville dental office or (412) 563-6333 to reach us at our Pittsburgh dental office.

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