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    Meet Dr. Medgaus and See For Yourself the Time, Skills and Investment He’s Made To Make Sure YOU Will Look and Feel Your Best

    Dr. Medgaus Dental CareSince 1973, Dr. Carl Medgaus has been committed 100% to his patients and their results. To give his patients exceptional, honestly, second-to none great dentistry, Dr. Medgaus has invested 318% more of his time to his education than 98.7% of all other dentists.

    He has invested more than $350,000 in direct out-of-pocket costs attending continuing education seminars all over the country (Dallas, San Diego, Tulsa, Tampa, Dearborn, Baltimore, Philadelphia and more.). All this attention to education guarantees you will receive only the best methods and technologies available. Dentistry is quickly evolving and Dr. Medgaus has remained ahead of the curve to pioneer a better dental experience for you.

    Dr. Medgaus has treated more than 300,000 patients since 1973. He has also successfully placed over 2,564 dental implants (and counting!) – with a 99.3% success rate!

    Dr. Medgaus’ continuing education is impressive! Let us show you what we mean: Along with being the ONLY Certified dentist in Hybridge Dental Implant Technology in Pennsylvania (and the surrounding states) he continues to hone his skills by personally attending ongoing educational seminars. This keeps him, as you would imagine, at the cutting-edge of the most modern dental implant dentistry.

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    Our Staff

    Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are kind, friendly, and caring. Our staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience during your visit to our office.

    Our team includes experienced and energetic people whose goal is to communicate well with our patients and provide the best care possible.

    Patti Ball, Office Manager

    Patti Ball, Office ManagerPatti was born and raised in Monroeville. In July of 1980, Patti helped Dr. Medgaus open his private dental practice right here in Monroeville. Since that time, she’s spent the last 34 years helping make Medgaus Miracles happen and has become a vital member of our staff. It’s hard to imagine how we’d get by without her.

    Patti, in her own words, had the good fortune to marry her high school sweetheart, Chuck, in 1979 and raised three wonderful children with him. Now that their children are grown, they spend their free time traveling together. In the fall of 2014, they are currently planning an adventure in Italy.

    Patti loves all the better things in life like old Hollywood masterpieces such as Gone with the Wind, red wine, the hit TV comedy Modern Family and of course her beautiful granddaughter. Don’t be surprised if you bump into Patti as you are out and about as she dreams of not only taking a cruise but also one day visiting all 50 states as well as making a visit to the southern hemisphere to see Australia and New Zealand.

    Julie Starkey, Office Manager

    Julie Starkey, Office ManagerJulie was originally from East Liverpool, OH but has been proud to call Pittsburgh home since 2000. Julie is as authentically ‘Medgaus’ as they come. She started as a patient of Dr. Medgaus for 5 years before she joined the team as an assistant before being promoted to Office Manager. Since joining our team in 2004, she’s done an amazing job at every task she’s been given. We’re proud to have her.

    Julie recently got engaged and is excited to soon begin her new life with her fiancé and daughter. Like Dr. Lopez, Julie also loves Karaoke! When asked who her favorite co-worker was, she couldn’t decide and simply said ‘all of them are my favorite!’ Julie likes many things like a good joke, Disney World, the hit TV show The Voice, Ryan Seacrest, and a good Moscato.

    Melanie Gearhart, Dental Assistant

    Melanie Gearhart, Dental AssistantMelanie was born and raised in the small town of New Alexandria, PA where her parents owned and operated a small business her entire life. The strong work ethic her parents modeled for Melanie helped her understand how essential hard work was to achieving success. She used this understanding to reach and graduate from business school.

    Upon graduation, Melanie worked at a dental practice in Ligonier until meeting Dr. Medgaus in 1981. She joined the team and become an essential member of the Medgaus Family. Melanie enjoys working with cutting-edge dental technology and seeing the life-changing transformations of patients after the Medgaus team provides service.

    Melanie says that there are three things she loves most in this world: her husband, her family, and of course, her cats! But don’t think that means Melanie doesn’t dream big! In her dream, if she could do anything, it’d be driving her Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series to the winery she owns and operates in Italy! Her idol is the blind opera singer Andrea Bocelli, and she absolutely loves watching the Indianapolis 500. Melanie’s unique, caring and fun perspective on life makes her a much loved member of the Medgaus Dental Care Tea.

    Janet Bealko, Dental Assistant

    Janet Bealko, Dental AssistantJanet was born and raised in Erie, PA for the first 22 years of her life. After high school, she originally planned to attend Hygiene School, but instead attended Edinboro University where she earned a BS in Social Work. Janet worked with troubled youth for a few years before moving with her husband to Monroeville in 1981. Then, while looking for a more permanent position, Janet took a job at an orthodontist office and found she loved the work after all. Janet eventually joined the Medgaus Family back in 1982 and helped establish the Orthodontic and TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders) department that she has now successfully been in charge of for 32 years.

    When she is not busy at work training employees or taking ongoing orthodontic classes, Janet enjoys spending time with her children and new grandson. Like others on the staff, Janet expresses a deep satisfaction in witnessing the transformative work she is able to perform for patients through amazing and cutting edge dental procedures.

    While she’s not ready to retire quite yet, Janet says she does look forward to the day when she will. Janet also enjoys The Big Bang Theory and dreams of taking an African Safari. Above all, though, Janet loves being with her family and sharing the good parts of life with them.

    Lisa Hudec, Hygienist

    Lisa Hudec, HygienistLisa grew up in Vestal, NY but has now lived in Pittsburgh since 1990. Lisa graduated with her degree in dental hygiene in 1984 and spent the next few years working with her family’s own practice as a hygienist. Lisa then moved to Princeton, NJ for a while where she also continued to work as a hygienist before finally joining the team here. Lisa brings over 30 years of invaluable insight and experience to the Medgaus Family.

    When she is not at work, Lisa is kept busy by her husband Mike and their three college-aged kids who live in Colorado, Washington DC, and now Oregon. Lisa loves her family, pizza, and sunshine. Lisa also dreams one day of taking a Mediterranean cruise and ultimately retiring to a beautiful house on a lake.

    Melanie Medgaus, Hygienist

    Melanie Medgaus, HygienistHaving started working with Dr. Medgaus when she was just 15, Melanie has now been a licensed RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist) since 2003. She first started in the office and, after learning how it worked, realized her true calling was working with the patients, which she continues to happily do today. Melanie is an active member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, Western PA Dental Hygiene Association, and continues her education as she is currently pursuing a license to practice anesthesiology.

    When she’s not at work, Melanie can be found relaxing at her home in Monroeville with her daughter Jayda and loves spending quality time with family and friends. Melanie is a fan of repelling, goofing off, strawberry daiquiris, and living life to the fullest. Melanie would love to visit Hawaii one day as well as and a better way to hide her secret addiction to caffeine.

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