Root Canal Treatment

    Root Canals in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA

     rotary-endodonticsOne of the most dreaded and most misunderstood dental procedures that we offer today is the root canal treatment. It seems like no one wants to hear those words. Unfortunately, when a decayed tooth is left unattended for prolonged periods of time, the decay progresses inside the tooth and may even reach the pulp tissue. In order to address this very serious dental problem, most dentists will recommend the root canal treatment.

    For many people, having a root canal is a scary ordeal and the thought of the procedure gives them unnecessary anxiety. In order to clear out doubts or pacify your fear, what you need to do is understand the process and learn some information about this type of treatment. It is more common than you would expect, and not nearly as scary as you have been led to believe.

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    What is A Root Canal Treatment?

    Medgaus Dental Care uses root canal treatment in order to save and repair a decayed and infected tooth that would otherwise require extraction. The actual term “root canal” refers to the natural cavity located in the center of the tooth. It is the root canal that contains the nerve and other living tissues of the teeth.

    Once the tooth breaks through the gumline, the nerve is not vital to the function and health of the tooth. The only purpose of this part of the teeth is to provide sensation of cold or hot. Other than that, the nerve is unimportant and the leading reason why our dentist is comfortable and confident performing root canal therapy in Monroeville.


    When Is A Root Canal Needed?

    There are many signs that indicate your need for root canal treatment. If you are feeling severe pain as you chew your food or when you apply pressure to the tooth, that is one symptom of a decayed or infected tooth. In the event that you have felt prolonged pain brought about by anything cold or hot, even after the substance has been removed, a root canal may be needed. Other signs include discoloration of the tooth, feeling of tenderness and swelling of the gums surrounding the tooth, as well as the presence of a persistent pimple on the gums. Root canal treatment will eliminate your discomfort and restore the full functionality of the tooth.

    What is the Root Canal Procedure?

    Our cosmetic dentist in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA will only recommend this type of treatment after two to three dental visits to explore other options and ensure this type of dental treatment is necessary. In the event that your tooth has active infection, you may have to take antibiotics for 3 -5 days before the treatment is carried out.

    During treatment Dr. Carl Medgaus will first apply local anesthesia. Then the upper layer of the tooth is opened up in order to gain access to the pulp chamber of the tooth. Using small files, the dentist cleans the tooth chamber and removes damaged tissues and decay. Using the same set of files, the canal is cleaned and the pulp is enlarged. For the first visit, a temporary filling is placed on the cleaned teeth. For the next visit, this filling is removed and the canal is sealed and refilled. To prevent this filling from fractures, it is often sealed with a crown. Dr. Medgaus will work with each patient individually to establish a unique treatment plant to suit your needs.

    A root canal may seem like a tedious and painful process, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, for most patients root canal therapy is only as uncomfortable as the procedure for a standard filling. You have absolutely nothing to be anxious about as long as you seek treatment from our Monroeville or Pittsburgh dental office.

    Are you living near Pittsburgh, PA and wish to get the treatment that your teeth need? Do your teeth cause you too much pain to eat or drink normally? If yes or you would like to discuss costs of root canal treatment, feel free to give us a call and set an appointment with our emergency dentist. We invite you to come to our office as soon as possible so we can discuss your dental needs in detail.

    Please contact us at (412) 436-5253 to set up an appointment at our Monroeville, PA dental office or call us at (412) 563-6333 to set up an appointment at our Pittsburgh, PA dental office.

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