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    Welcome to our patient testimonial page – this is what Medgaus Dental Care patients have to say about their experience with the best dentist in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA!
    If you would love to know more about our gentle services and painless dentistry or how we use the most innovative, latest dentistry and technology call us today. In addition, to ensure you feel at ease and firmly in control of your healing process, please call (412) 373-0310 or (412) 563-6333 and book an appointment with our dentists. Below are some of the testimonies of part of our certified customers.

    “I had a receding gum line and my teeth were losing their alignment. NOW, I get compliments everyday — Everyone says they LOVE my smile!”

    – Kathy Gianmmarco of Penn Hills, PA

    Dr Medgaus,
    From day one of my visit, you have supported me and my family in one of life¹s uncertainties in dental and oral care. You shared your knowledge for improvement in my dental care by presenting information and instructions in terms we understood. You have demonstrated to us your caring and concerns by giving choices and alternative for the optimum care. I would be remised if I didn¹t mention; Your quality of work is consistently high. It is transparent that you strive for the state of the art perfection.

    Your recruitment of employees has reflected your high professional values. The staff excelled in building a long-term relationship with me. They plan, organize and complete my care in the highest professional and efficient manner.

    Thanks to all of you for individualizing my care.

    – Olester McLain

    I went to see them for a second opinion as to whether I should have a bridge or an implant. The office staff was excellent and very helpful. I was very pleased with my experience. I already have a great dentist but these folks would be on my will definitely use if I didn’t already have my own. Very professional and got the information I came for!

    – Timothy Truax of Pittsburgh, PA 15216-1870

    He is very detail oriented. Hes an excellent craftsman and physician. He explains in detail what hes doing before he does it so you can understand it. He has an excellent bed side manner, he is very easy to talk to.


    He did a general checkup and did a regular cleaning. He is very gentle. He did work under general anesthetic. He takes time to listen to any concerns you may have. He is very professional. He makes all procedures very painless

    – Brien Palmer of Export, PA 15632

    “My experience with Dr. Medgaus has been life changing. The staff are really concerned with making you feel comfortable and confident. I tell everyone I know to change from their dentist to Dr. Medgaus!”

    – J.Brown

    “Dr. Medgaus needs to better advertise the things that he has expertise in. When my wife and I first went to see him, it was because she couldn’t stand her dentures. They made her gag and they moved around a lot. Well, Dr. Medgaus showed us how dental implants could be used to help stabilize her dentures. He told us exactly what he planned to do that would be the best for us, and then he did. My wife can chew anything now and she loves it. Dr. Medgaus has an excellent staff to assist him. His office is in a good location; easy to reach for my wife and I. I can, without reservation, recommend Dr. Medgaus and his capable staff.”

    – Walt Spielman

    “I am not a regular dental office visitor normally. However, I noticed some odd pain around a crown on a tooth in my lower jaw. I called Dr. Medgaus to set up an appointment. During subsequent visits we found several things ‘going on’ in my mouth. Though I was in dire need of several procedures, Dr. Medgaus and his entire staff made it all practically painless! Becky, in the front office, was always very friendly. She definitely went the extra mile to be sure that I was taken care of. Carmen and Dr. Medgaus were friendly and professional and efficient and made everything go smoothly! I would highly recommend Dr. Medgaus to anyone in need of dental care. You will be treated wonderfully from start to finish!”

    – Liz Troth

    “I found Dr. Medgaus through a friend of mine who had some dental work done and was extremely happy with the results. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to be a patient of Dr. Medgaus’s. Not only has the work that he has done for me far exceeded my expectations, I feel like part of the family here at Medgaus Dental Care! I have referred all of my friends, family, and acquaintances to be a part of the Medgaus Dental Family as well.”

    – Julie Starkey

    “Thanks for being a great team! You guys are awesome!”

    – Natalie Bullock of Pittsburgh PA

    Medgaus Dental is wonderful! They make you feel really comfortable and anytime I hahave a aproblem I can always call and they fit me right in to their schedule and they are at two locations which is nice and convenient.

    –Tammy McCoy of Mt Lebanon PA

    “Good dentist! Does a great job!”

    – Mike Hubinsky of Greensburg PA

    “I had a very good experience with my teeth cleaning and I think Dr Medgaus is an excellent dentist. You are worth the travel! Thanks for your expertise!”

    – Kathy Kelly of Greensburg PA

    “Dr. Medgaus is very knowledgable and patient friendly! I have had good experiences at Medgaus Dental and I’m a real ‘dental weenie!’ Just ask Dr. Medgaus and staff! The staff is friendly and go out of their way to accommodate my needs.”

    – Connie Palko of Moon Township PA

    “Dr. Ferguson was kind and gentle as possible with my very sensitive tooth.”

    – Jennifer

    “Thank you for fitting me in and helping me out of what could have become a very bad situation.”

    – Tim Mattocks

    He is not my regular dentist but my dentist doesn’t have a hygienist and that’s why I went to Dr. Medgaus because he’s got a hygienist. I was very satisfied with the hygienist. Dr. Medgaus checked everything before I left so I was very satisfied with him too.

    – Irene Haurilesko of Trafford, PA 15085

    Dr. Medgaus is my dentist. He is doing a relatively complex implant procedure for me. I’ve been seeing him for over 20 years and I will certainly continue to use him.


    “In 1991 my boss told me his perfect teeth were because of treatment by Dr. Carl Medgaus. I began reconstruction with Dr. Medgaus immediately – and my teeth are stronger and more beautiful now than ever!”

    – Carol Bierce of North Versailles PA

    Dear Dr Medgaus:
    I would like to thank you for taking such good card of my husband, Marty. I appreciate all that you have done for him. Your kind and gentle spirit shows through as you work with your patients. I can tell that you truly care about the people you work with. The way you make Marty feel comfortable, by joking and diverting his thoughts and anxiety, is such an asset in you. He told me about the time you told him you were ‘practicing’ dentistry. I am very grateful on how far you have taken him. May the Lord Bless You for your great work. I have recommended you to many people, telling them how great you are.

    – Linda (and Marty) of Upper St Clair, PA

    It went very well. Hygienist was thorough and caring. She explained how and why every step the way.

    -John Mallick of St Jeannette, PA

    “I just wanted to let you know that we have really appreciated the care that you have provided us over the past thirty years or so. As you know, we recently made our move away from Pittsburgh permanent, and have spent the past month or two looking for a dentist in our new location that can provide us with the level of service that you and your staff have provided us. We think that we have found a good dental care provider here (time will, of course, tell), and are encouraged by his resume and local reputation, the discussions we have had with him, and the overall professionalism and modern equipment he uses. What may be of most interest to you is that upon completion of the initial examination of our mouth and teeth, he was extremely complimentary of the care that we had received – he found no need for additional work at this time. Teeth, gums, and the restorative work were all given extremely high grades, and this from a dentist that considers himself to be an extremely competent provider–he has a reputation of finding something wrong with every patient that comes in the door. Considering that they haven’t had you as their previous provider, he is probably right! Again, thanks for the service and we’ll stop by to say hello when we visit Pittsburgh.”

    – Jeremy Hellman

    “I was fortunate to meet Dr. Medgaus through one of his advertisements; because I had always gone to ‘general’ dentists who did an OK job but never really looked to the future. They didn’t warn me about problems that were developing and were reactive instead of being pro-active. Because I broke out 3 upper front teeth when I was 11 years old, I struggled with several partial plates, one of which fit very well, and I had lots of fillings. Dr. Medgaus pointed out and showed me (using up to date camera technology) that these plates had cracked several teeth and other fillings were also cracked. He gave me a beautiful solid permanent bridge to replace those 3 front teeth, solid crowns and onlays. They all look great, feel good and I can eat anything, evencorn-on-the-cob (after 58 years)! Dr. Medgaus is a real Professional and he employs a real professional staff of assistants. The concern and care was excellent from everyone in the office.”

    – James Heaton

    Dr Medgaus and his staff are very caring and compassionate”

    – Carolyn Palaisa of Monroeville PA

    “Excellent results”

    – Greg Killian of Natrona Heights PA

    “I have never experienced any pain whatsoever in any of the dental procedures performed by Dr Medgaus”

    – Helen Wolfe of Murrysville PA

    “Really good ‘bedside’ manner. I drive from Cranberry Township to see Dr Medgaus.”

    – Chris Romito of Cranberry Twp, PA

    “I love Medgaus Dental – all the staff is professional and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I had a lengthy procedure which I think if I had gone anywhere else might not have been such a good experience.”

    – Debra LaRue of Pittsburgh PA

    “Dr.Medgaus and his staff are extremely friendly and inviting. They treat you with the utmost respect, and make you feel at home. Everyone is there to cater to whatever needs you are concerned about, and without a doubt you will receive that perfect bright white smile that you were dreaming about for years. Dr.Medgaus and his staff are certainly the way to go when it comes to any of your dental concerns.”

    – Roman Capalbo

    “Dr. Medgaus was great. Due to a bad experience or 2, I’ve been nervous about getting a filling and always feel the drill. You can imagine how terrified I was to learn that I needed a root canal. I looked into sedation dentistry but everything was so expensive. I decided to try Dr. Medgaus because he offered gas as well as valium (and I’ve been told it’s because of my fear that the novocain didn’t work well for me.) A prior dentist even put novocain in the roof of my mouth and I could feel the drill. With Dr. Medgaus, I honestly didn’t feel a thing. I cannot believe I actually had a root canal. Thank you! While I’m sure I’ll be a little nervous if I ever need one again, I won’t put it off for over a month, chewing with one side of my mouth, hoping it’ll go away or the tooth will fall out.”

    – Frank

    TESTIMONIALS September 24, 2014

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