Tooth-Colored Fillings

    Tooth-Colored Fillings in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA

    Before and after dental treatment - beforeafter series.Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems that Medgaus Dental Care addresses on a daily basis. Even with proper brushing and flossing, plaque can still accumulate on teeth and turn to tartar if not removed in time. In essence, maintaining good oral hygiene is never enough to fully protect your teeth from decaying. This is why you must keep your six month maintenance visits and also why we perform tooth-colored fillings to restore your teeth to proper form and function.

    The days of amalgam, a mixture of metals melted down and used for fillings in teeth, are quickly fading away because of the invention and adoption of tooth-colored fillings. There are so many advantages to this highly adaptable filling material. And though amalgam fillings still have a place in modern dentistry, the versatility and esthetic of the tooth colored resins make these fillings all the more appealing to both patients and dentists in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA.

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    Tooth-Colored vs Amalgam Fillings

    Better Overall Aesthetics

    If there is one very evident advantage of using tooth-colored fillings over amalgam, it’s the improvement of your teeth’s overall aesthetics. The former metal mixture is dark gray in color, and this causes a lot of people to become more self-conscious when doing activities that could show off their teeth. The way they laugh, eat or speak can really be restricted since they have a dark area in their teeth that could be perceived by others as tooth decay. The tooth-colored fillings, on the other hand, let you experience a world where you can show off your biggest smile without worrying about a single thing.

    Imitation of the Teeth’s Genetic Make Up

    smile-manAmalgams are made up of metals while tooth-colored fillings are comprised of substances that are closer to your teeth’s genetic composition. The outer structure of the teeth—the enamel—is imitated by today’s modern porcelain. Conversely, the inner portion of the teeth called the dentin has a strong resemblance to the compounds used in creating tooth-colored fillings. All in all, tooth-colored fillings mix and blend more with your teeth as compared to amalgam.

    Comfort and Bond

    For the amalgam to bond properly with the surface of the enamel the dentist needs to remove more of the natural structure of your tooth before using one of these fillings. Since the tooth-colored fillings composition is closer to your teeth’s natural structure, it creates a better bond and connection to the components of your teeth. In turn, the dentist does not need to remove as much of the enamel to place a tooth-colored filling. This means the bonded filling is also a safer, more comfortable substance to use, especially for smaller fillings on highly visible teeth.


    If you are in need of restoration, the tooth-colored filling is often your best choice because it blends well with your natural teeth. This is especially true since a good bond is needed between the resin and the teeth’s dentin and enamel—making a seamless fit. Without this strong connection, it is impossible to fully optimize the restoration or rebuilding of the teeth. Most importantly, it is vital that the compound can act as naturally as possible to help you fully revive your teeth’s function and overall appearance. Though amalgam might work better for filling some of the heavily used molars, tooth-colored fillings are still far more popular.

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