Veneers and Laminates

    Do you Need Dental Veneers or Laminates?

    Shade determination with the help of a shade guideHaving stained or slightly damaged teeth is quite normal, but these problems must be addressed in order to preserve the beauty of the teeth. Most cosmetic dentists recommended the application of veneers and laminates in order to address such types of dental problems. There are instances when minor discolorations can be addressed by teeth whitening, but not all patients make good candidates for this type of treatment. Also, though some gaps or poor aligment may require orthodontics, there are many minor imperfections our dentist can fix with veneers or laminates.

    In order to determine if dental veneers are for you, set up a consultation with our dentist in Monroeville or Pittsburgh today. In the first consultation, the Dr. Carl Medgaus will examine the dental issues that you have and take all of your concerns very seriously. From the history up to the current issues, the dentist will examine all of these to ensure that there will be no risks involved. If you have any questions about this procedure, what your aftercare will involve, or are concerned about veneers being the right match, bring those up during this initial appointment so we can address all your questions before you commit to any type of treatment.

    Please contact us at (412) 436-5253 to set up an appointment at our Monroeville Office or call us at (412) 563-6333 to set up an appointment at our Pittsburgh Office.

    What Do Veneers and Laminates Fix?

    Our Monroeville dentist uses veneers and laminates to correct a wide array of dental problems. A lot of dental professionals employ their use in fixing teeth that have been discolored due to root canal treatment, excessive fluoride, certain drugs, and many other causes. These types of stains cannot be reversed with other teeth whitening treatments and veneers are often the best alternative. Dr. Medgaus also uses veneers for fixing teeth that have been worn down, chipped or broken. They are also perfect for correcting slightly misaligned, uneven, irregularly shaped teeth. Last but not the least, veneers and laminates are used to close the gaps between your front teeth without the need for braces.

    Why Get Dental Veneers and Laminates?

    • Veneers and laminate give off a naturally beautiful tooth appearance.
    • Veneers and laminates can help whiten discolored teeth.
    • As compared to crowns, veneers and laminates offer a more conservative way of changing the color and shape of the tooth. Aside from the fact that this does not require extensive shaping, they offer a more durable and more appealing option than bonding.

    How Long Do Veneers and Laminates Last?

    veneers2The length of life of veneers may vary. It is recommended that you ask our cosmetic dentist in Monroeville and Pittsburgh, PA about the duration of the veneers that will be used for your procedure. The typical life of veneers is about five to ten years. However, if you take great care with your teeth and avoid certain foods that would stain or damage your veneers, then they could last longer. If your veneers do sustain some damage or wear, you can always visit Dr. Medgaus for replacements.

    Do Veneers and Laminates Require Special Care?

    The best thing about veneers is that they not only look like natural teeth, they also require the same care as your natural teeth. Their use does not require any special care. Just maintain good oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing and visit Medgaus Dental Care every six months for routine preventative maintenance.

    Do you live near Monroeville and Pittsburgh? If you wish to know more information about veneers and laminates and how they can help your dental needs, do not hesitate to call our office and set up a consultation with us. Medgaus Dental Care is ready to take your questions and get you in as soon as possible.

    Please contact us at (412) 436-5253 to set up an appointment at our Monroeville Office or call us at (412) 563-6333 to set up an appointment at our Pittsburgh Office.

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